Ok guys, we need to keep posting.

I’ve lagged myself, I know, but if you were selected to participate then please do so. Otherwise I see no point in keeping this blog going.


Hello everyone - Bianca here.

Well, this will be oughta be a hoot. I get to make sure my sister, Emily, doesn’t run off into a dark corner for too long. But then again, that might be fun to watch! & please Erinn, don’t blame one person for something that obviously isn’t one sided! Trust me - it takes two to tango. Toby knows all about that; ask her for some advice.


Hello, Darlings

Erinn here. I could say that I know something you don’t, but then, how much fun could I have with this little secret about a few co-workers?

Emily, it’s terrible really. She really shouldn’t have slipped her way between the sheets. I can honestly say I’m a little heartbroken. Needless to say she and I are no longer speaking. We’ll see who gets the last romp.


So glad you all could come

Lauren, if you don’t already know. Alex dear, how are you?


Hello, everyone..! I’m Emily, and you all look simply delicious. 

I am so glad my little sister Bianca is here; just don’t try to stop me from having a good time tonight, sis!

And Erinn, darling, you know I’m sorry. But I just couldn’t resist. Don’t worry, honey, I’m sure he’ll be home soon.

Now, who wants to meet me under the mistletoe??

You all know I’m one present who’s just waiting to be unwrapped… ;)


Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Under The Mistletoe Company party.

This evenings party was put together for you wonderful people by the myself, President of the company, vice president Ms. Reagan, our Head of Marketing, Erinn (iwantthemoon), Our senior sales rep, Toby (robotoby), and last but certainly not least, Bianca, the head of Human Resources. And let’s not forget our Foreman, Emily (yoshilover19).

I’m sure there are some unfamiliar faces in the crowd, what a party this has turned out to be! As it should, considering the tremendous success we’ve had this season. How about we go around and introduce ourselves? As you well know, I’m Ms. Kelly, but in this laid-back atmosphere please feel free to use Alex. I’ll be your host for the evening and I do hope you enjoy yourselves tonight. You all deserve it! 


Characters Round Two

Alex (thisisabust): The host and President of the company

Lauren (the-princes-tale): The Vice President

Erinn (iwantthemoon): Head of Marketing

Toby* (robotoby): Senior Sales Rep

Bianca* (biacc): Human Resources

Emily (yoshilover19): Foreman

*names weren’t given so I made them up, sorry if there’s an issue!